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BigPrism Typo Helper will help you to get rid of typos and misspellings on your site. If some visitor finds a typo on your website he can notify you in single mouseclick or by pressing hotkey combination! You will receive full report with suggested correction. You can use it to keep your site grammatically correct. It is also extremely useful if you plan to expand your business and translate your site to other than your native languages.

It is completely customizable:

  • You can use any charset encodings.
  • You can use any image as a floating icon to fit your site.
  • You can choose activation method: floating icon, hotkey (Ctrl+Enter) or both methods.
  • You can move floating image to any corner of your page or even disable it.
  • You can translate it to any language you wish.
  • You can completely change the color scheme of the popup window to fit your site.
  • You can turn off the floating icon and use only Ctrl+Enter activation method.

How It Works?

If your visitor finds a typo or misspelling on your site, then he can just select that portion of text with typo and click the floating icon like one that you see at the bottom right corner of our site of press Ctrl+Enter key combination.  In the popup window visitor will see the text that he has selected and text area to enter corrected text. Error report will be added to the admin area of BigPrism Typo Helper and you will be notified by e-mail. It's that simple!


Online Demo

Just move your mouse cursor over the floating icon at the bottom right corner of this page and help me fix all the errors on this site :) 


System Requirements

Your Web host needs to have the following system requirements (most do):

  • Almost any web server (Apache, IIS, etc)
  • Perl interpreter (version 5 and higher)
  • Sendmail (optional)


Download BigPrism Typo Helper

BigPrism Typo Helper costs just $18. I am sure you agree that this is not alot of money for making your site grammatically correct. Click here to Order using RegNow's secure payment system! You will be able to download the software immediately after ordering!

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