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Monday, 20 May 2024
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BigPrism Dynamic Countdown Timer E-mail
Dynamic Countdown Timer is a tool that has really made me alot of money since I started using it on my sites. It works like no other countdown timer available on the net. What's the difference? Just look how it works...

How it works?

Dynamic Countdown Timer is not just JavaScript. It is dynamically generated by a CGI script that resides on your server and is initiated by somebody visiting your site. That CGI script calculates the required countdown time individually for each visitor and then prints JS directly in their browser with required countdown time values.

Let's say you set it to one hour. When visitor first visits your site the script "remembers" the visitor's computer and start counting down. Reloading the webpage will not cause the counter to be reset, if the visitor leaves your site and then comes back in 15 minutes, the counter will start counting down as if it were set to 45 minutes so that to the visitor it seems like it was for real and not just a trick.

Even more: when one hour is gone, it will display new information that you predefined and even if visitor re-visits your site in a few days he will still see that same information, counter will not be reset/started over.


Online Demo

Here is a demo. I have set the countdown time to 1 minute and 20 seconds, but it can be set to up to one year :). Also I've set the resetting delay to 40 seconds just for testing purposes. Oh.. forgot to say that the resetting delay is a time, within which the visitor will see the second box (blue box in this demo) when the time is over. If time is over try reloading this page - during 40 seconds you will still see the blue box. It can be set to up to three months.

Well, if you see the blue box below, reload this page so it will be changed to red box with timer counting down in it.

You can even place more than one timer on the same page:

Or even place them on multiple pages within your domain - ALL of them will be displaying absolutely the same information.

Maybe you think it is hard to setup and install? NO! If you know how to write simple HTML pages and how to upload files to your FTP server then you can install it. You just have to edit the config file, set desired countdown time and resetting delay, write two simple HTML boxes (one for timer and one to be displayed after the time is over) and upload them to your server. Here is HTML code of my red and blue demo boxes, just take a look and see how easy to configure the script:

Red box code:

Blue box code:


Usage Example

Here is an example of how I use it with some of my products and it works perfect! This is a real example of "Power and Simplicity", two in one...

Initially I had a product priced at $47.95. I changed the price to $67 on the main page AND right near the order link I've added an input form for subscribing to our newsletter. The text near that form says something like "Hurry up! Discount offer is still valid! Enter your name and email to subscribe to our newsletter and get a huge discount!"

Let's imagine that visitor has subscribed to my newsletter. Now I have a subscriber that is interested in my product.

Immediately after subscribing he gets an invitation email from my follow up email autoresponder that says something like: "Take advantage of our 7days discount offer. Click here!". The link directs the visitor to the page that has my timer installed and set to 4days 11hours and 24minutes so that to the visitor it seems like offer already started 3 days ago. The offer says something like "You can get our product for only $47.95 That's 30% off! Hurry up! Just 4 days left!".

In three days he gets an email from my sequential autoresponder that says something like: "I am very sorry but in one day our special offer will be closed. If you still want to get our product - click here!" He clicks the same link like in previous email, timer indentify him and start counting down starting from 1 day and a few hours/minutes (depending on when he clicks that link). On that same page he sees that there really is just one day left, text on page says "You can get our product for only $47.95 That's 30% off! Hurry up! Just 1 day left!"

Since I've added this trick to my sites, my sales almost doubled with the same amount of traffic! In my stats I see that 34% of all sales have been made after visitor received the first (invitation) email, 65% made after they get the second email, and less than 1% customers paid $67 for that product.

So, what do I have now? Almost two times more money with the same traffic amount, dozens of subscribers with credit card in their hand and more affiliates every day because I clearly explained the power of this trick to them at the affiliate info page. It's that simple... but powerful!


System Requirements

Your Web host needs to have the following system requirements (99% do):

  • Almost any web server (Apache, IIS, etc)
  • Perl interpreter (version 5 and higher)


Download BigPrism Dynamic Countdown Timer

BigPrism Dynamic Countdown Timer costs just $14.95. I am sure you'll agree that this is not alot of money for that smart tool. Click here to Order using RegNow's secure payment system! You will be able to download the software immediately after ordering!

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