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BigPrism CoolTrack for RegNow E-mail
Google AdWords CompatibleBigPrism CoolTrack for RegNow will help vendors to increase link popularity and will make your affiliates happy! Why? Because this script will let your affiliates link directly to your product pages so your link popularity will be increasing! Also it will ensure affiliates that they will get their commissions! How? Read on...


How it works

Let's say your product page URL is, your RegNow vendor ID 13456 and one of your affiliates ID 41777. Traditional way of linking to your product page will look like this: affiliate=41777&action=site&vendor=13456&ref=

With CoolTrack your affiliates will be able to use the following link format:

Now search engines will treat your new affiliate URLs like direct links to your site. I personally use this method of linking for about three years and it works great!


But here is the most interesting feature of CoolTrack

As you probably know, RegNow uses cookies to track affiliate commissions so if affiliate sends to your site some visitor that has cookies disabled, affiliate will lose their commissions.

With our software your affiliates can be sure that they get their commissions because CoolTrack has built-in cookie checking module. If visitor has cookies disabled, then he will be prompted to enable cookies in his browser before coming to your site and commissions will be tracked properly so that your affiliates will be more motivated and interested in promoting your affiliate program.

By the way, I suggest you to describe this feature on your affiliate info page so you will get more affiliates because they will see that you care about them and you do everything to help them making money by marketing your product. Guaranteed!

The page where CoolTrack offers to enable cookies is fully customizable. You can change it's layout to fit your site. You can also translate it to any other language if your site in other language than English.

Also, you will be able to see your affiliate's activity: clicks, refering site URLs, browsers. In other words you will have full statistics for every affiliate.


Admin Panel Screenshots

Log in screen Overall statistics Detailed statistics
(All statistic information is fake and generated for demonstration purposes only.)



You will be able to download the software immediately after ordering. BigPrism CoolTrack for RegNow costs just $24.95. Click here to order via RegNow - our secure payment processor!


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